Standup Comic + Grammy’s Cookbook + Elbow Grease

Channeling my inner "Might Boosh" as I art direct and exec produce this little pet project of mine.

Channeling my inner “Might Boosh” as I art direct and exec produce this little pet project of mine.

Cookin’ it with Corey has been a pet project these last 6 months. Today we dropped the second episode. I’m exhausted and proud.

Not only did I concept, coach and run all the lights, camera, […]

The Bloody Turkey Blues

'Hecate' by Genevieve-Amelia

When I think of the first Thanksgiving I think of the dirty, sick, hungry colonials in Terrence Malick’s “The New World” and am reminded it’s a miracle that we’re here at all.

It’s been almost a month since I wrapped my last gig, a whole month to myself, and I’m coming out the other […]

Evolving past fear, cutting away the fat and Mike Patton’s cold piano


A large crowd in the Capitol rotunda chants “Yes!” and sings patriotic songs before the gay-marriage vote in the Minnesota Senate on Monday, May 13, 2013, in St. Paul. (Pioneer Press: Ben Garvin)

Two weeks ago, when I originally wrote this blog, Minnesota had just voted to allow gay marriage. It wasn’t unanimous. Most […]

Home stretch, a Saab story and picture lock

You know who you are. THANK YOU. Wrap party in the works.

You know who you are. THANK YOU. Wrap party in the works.

We wrapped production on “Episode 5” last Monday night at Elsa’s House of Sleep on east Lake Street. It was a FUN fun shoot. Even with the obligatory snow emergency. Production stills coming shortly! (Thank you Charlie!!) Stevie Kane (One Light Collective) […]

More snow, Dr. Raymond Stantz and Z-Fest 4


Minneapolis sees another snow emergency today. The last one was during the last shoot for Forewarn. #awesome

Tomorrow we embark on our 4th Z-Fest film. And today it blizzarded. Go figure. Our next go around needs to be in July or Arizona.

The inspiration for this film is somewhere between Dan Akroyd in Ghostbusters […]

Perpetual Motion

This should probably be more directed at my boyfriend and less at the cats. They miss me when I'm gone, but a jankety old green pipe cleaner amuses them just as much.

They used to get super busy in ancient Egypt juggling all the time.

I’m certainly lost in my whirling bombardment of action items, meetings and responsibilities. A January like every other January. With it comes the realization that I’ve taken on too much again and things like friends, exercise, cooking and cat relationships suffer […]

Thank you South Dakota + New Soul Flower Catalog!

Obligatory photo op!

Obligatory photo op!

Thank you Tom Black and Brent Brandt for producing another awesome year in Aberdeen. SO MUCH FUN. And your reception of myself and my work is warmer and more enthusiastic than in my tiny home town.

But who am I kidding – on the day before I graduated from high school […]