Gaussian Blur

Untitleds - Andre Kertesz

Untitleds – Andre Kertesz

In my ham handed study of patterns – for both creative and personal curiosity – it’s interesting to look at the Gaussian curve of an event. The ingredients that cosmically align to create the inciting incident, the who-did-what during the rising action, the inevitable climax and then the acoustic decay […]

The Young May Moon

Charlie Vaughan

“May you live in interesting times…” ~ Chinese curse

“Universal Sea” By Charlie Vaughan


Five months between posts is a universe of information to recount. While taking a break for life, I took the long way around and return to report the world looks and tastes the same as before. My writing chair […]

Holiday Moonbeams


Happy holidays to you! While at my parents farm this last week I watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas for the first time in recent memory. Originally broadcast on CBS in 1965, it’s aired every Christmas season since.

The most amusing part of the short animation is Charlie’s depressed fixation on how commercial the whole holiday […]

The Bloody Turkey Blues

'Hecate' by Genevieve-Amelia

When I think of the first Thanksgiving I think of the dirty, sick, hungry colonials in Terrence Malick’s “The New World” and am reminded it’s a miracle that we’re here at all.

It’s been almost a month since I wrapped my last gig, a whole month to myself, and I’m coming out the other […]

What the wind brought in

Jerek Bischoff at the Fitzgerald.

At night the winds that blew through Brainerd seemed to bring radio and television frequencies with it.

In the corner of my room on top of the giant wardrobe my grandfather built, sat a black and white television with rabbit ears and a radio. I’d stay up late on Fridays and Saturdays to catch the […]

Monumental, big and small

Low Newton. England, a country full of awesome little tiny towns with cute names.

Seasons all taste different in the air. Summer is crazy lush with heat and hot grass and pavement. Winter is sharp, clean and dry.

Early fall nights taste like fog. The humidity can’t decide if it wants to make you sweat or get into your bones for a chill only a fire will cure.

It’s […]

Felicity and Mr. Diesel (if that’s your real name…)

I didn't go to Art College, but sweet Mary - comic sans and a little over filtering go a looooong way.  Also, Katee Sackoff has nice bubbies.

With the arrival of some free time – I’ve taken in a few films in the last week. Tonight I drug Gingerbeard to a film called Austenland. I love Jane Austen movies. I’ve even made it all the way through most of her books.

I love rain soaked empire waste dresses on skinny actresses. Especially […]

Gratitude for the Golden Goose

This is Bob. He's a golden goose. He's here to remind you that without risk, there's no reward.  And also, always tip your waitress.

This is Bob. He’s a golden goose. He’s here to remind you that with risk, there’s reward. And also, always tip your waitress.

Tonight marks the last work night of the freelance gig that afforded me a tectonic shift in my life.

I am so very lucky to have worked with the dudes at […]

Making Space


Oblivion: M83’s sound track and Olga’s big sad eyes and skinny shoulders made this movie. Sorry Tom.

My utmost favorite film genre is sci-fi. It’s transporting qualities remove you from the theatre seat or couch cushion and show you things you’ll never see with your own eyes. To me that’s the height of escapism […]

Woodtick turned Yup


Hello. My name is Bri. I spend most of my free time looking at an iPad while drinking fairtrade coffee in an extremely white urban area.

Recently I spent an evening at a suburban home laying eyes on the quintessential suburban life. Two young children, conversations heavily weighted on the pros and cons of […]