Gaussian Blur

Untitleds - Andre Kertesz

Untitleds – Andre Kertesz

In my ham handed study of patterns – for both creative and personal curiosity – it’s interesting to look at the Gaussian curve of an event. The ingredients that cosmically align to create the inciting incident, the who-did-what during the rising action, the inevitable climax and then the acoustic decay […]

Laurels, honors and a rabbit hole

Me, next Tuesday, Crooked Pint down town, I speak the good word.

Today’s post is brought to you in part by: LAZINESS, when you accidentally sleep 10 hours and dreamt of strange ballet classes in glass rooms with the beautiful Lee Pace and wake with an enormous sinus headache. And by COFFEE, my only vice outside of Ebay and Filmmaking.

See!?! Fun for […]

Gay People, Insulting Hobos and Pinhead

I avoid politicking like I avoid waxing my bikini area. It needs to happen – but it isn’t pleasant. I attribute this to the negative experience of finding myself a well rounded education, forming my own beliefs and being punished for not holding the same beliefs as my beloved family. Ex: in the 2000 election […]