Production Stills

Episode 5


Blood Terror of the Night Fiend


Helodermaggedon! The Musical

Enter Sandman


Going to seed

Episode 5

Shot for Z-Fest 4! All photos by Charlie Vaughan



Shot over a snowy weekend in December 2012. All photos by Charlie Vaughan.


Blood Terror of the Night Fiend:

Sleepy, cold and confused – we embark on “Blood Terror of the Night Fiend.”


D.P. Joe Johnson


Actor Reed Sigmund on location


Actor Sam Landman


Tom Colvin of TC Sound.


Staying warm at 8am in Lilydale.


Basement Set


Puppet master and prosthetic magician Ryan Schaddelee


Ryan Schaddelee of Outpost31


Actor Reed Sigmund, Director Brianna Deihl and Actor Aaron Courteau admire werewolf paws made by Ryan Schaddelee of Outpost31


Director Brianna Deihl by Charlie Vaughan


Reed Sigmund is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!


Shooting at the Grand Cafe – staging the dog gag.


Shooting at the Grand Cafe was awesome. Actors Heather Jo Raiter, Reed Sigmund and Aaron Courteau blocking the scene…





Actor Sam Landman on Medicine Lake.

Nice onesie Landman.

Actor Sam Landman and Tom Colvin from TC Sound

Interior set built by Gabriel Wimmer

Actress Heather Jo Raiter is a good sport.





Helodermaggedon! The Musical!



Enter Sandman:






Going to seed: