I am Brianna Deihl. I am a writer, director and producer.

Obligatory photo op!

Obligatory photo op!

I’ve been making films under the moniker “Tiny Orphans” for about seven years. My work has been screened locallynationally and internationally. I have won awards for best film, best directing, sound, writing and art direction. I’ll include links to these films below!

Before entering film school downtown at MCTC – I graduated with a double major from SCSU in Creative Writing and Photojournalism. Unsure of what the heck a liberal arts major from Brainerd should really do with her life – I got a job in marketing. I worked in house and at agencies for about seven years using Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Plus and Facebook Ads all to drive exposure and sales.

Before accepting my position at Shop HQ, now EVINE Live, I freelanced as a Producer on a series of 170+ web videos for Best Buy called the “Product Quick Look” series.

Please enjoy a cross section of my most recent work!


Here is a recent series of on location web videos from July 2015:

Here is some in-studio work:


More on location social media videos:

On the weekends I’m currently Producing / Shooting / Editing a food web series called “Cookin it with Corey.”


The following films I wrote, directed, produced and edited: