Experiments with zero budget and scorpions


2015 marks the first year that I entered a time-based film competition and walked away empty handed. I’m not ashamed to admit that. For so many years I’ve thrown a bunch of money, a bunch of favors, a crazy crunched amount of time and a lot of stress at a film concept and ended […]

Monumental, big and small

Low Newton. England, a country full of awesome little tiny towns with cute names.

Seasons all taste different in the air. Summer is crazy lush with heat and hot grass and pavement. Winter is sharp, clean and dry.

Early fall nights taste like fog. The humidity can’t decide if it wants to make you sweat or get into your bones for a chill only a fire will cure.

It’s […]

Home stretch, a Saab story and picture lock

You know who you are. THANK YOU. Wrap party in the works.

You know who you are. THANK YOU. Wrap party in the works.

We wrapped production on “Episode 5” last Monday night at Elsa’s House of Sleep on east Lake Street. It was a FUN fun shoot. Even with the obligatory snow emergency. Production stills coming shortly! (Thank you Charlie!!) Stevie Kane (One Light Collective) […]

Across the tundra, I send good cheer.

The chilly backyard of the country house as seen from a sweet ass snowmachine.

The chilly backyard of the country house as seen from a sweet ass snowmachine.

Merry Christmas! I’m sitting in a weird hairy armchair surrounded by hunting dogs and nursing the flu with tea and farm cat naps. I guess it was inevitable that I’d fall victim to Jack Frost-itis as I haven’t stopped moving […]

Fire balls, reshoots, mousey blondes, Charlie Vaughan and the New Yorker


Reed Sigmund, Grinch for hire, first on set

It’s officially a week since the big blizzard. Only just yesterday did St. Paul plow the residential streets. (Thanks for the 60 minute text message heads up bro.) Had ANYTHING else been going on last weekend – I’d have sat my white ass on my second-hand […]

Here we go! FOREWARN enters principle photography!

Crafty shopping = SOUP and shovels.

LOL. Why am I blogging right now? I’m averaging 4 hours a sleep and 0 minutes of free time in the last week.

Things are pulling together – the first call sheet is out – dressing the first location tonight. Point of no return it seems.

Our first […]

Voting in Uptown, a photo essay.


My precinct for the last 7 years, fashionistas, gutter punks, sleepy banjo players, strungout programmers from downtown, probably that insulting hobo…


Bulletin board decor – SPORTZ – foreign to someone who was the artfag / weird girl / knock knees klutz in every grade between K and 12. Also, where were […]

October Scary Movie Count 4/8


In celebrating the month of scary movies, I made a point to revisit a few of my favorites: (also note – none of these were on Netflix Streaming…)

Rosemary’s Baby – Pure perfection. A great way to start the month. I’m a HUGE Polanski fan. (Read: I have a poster for his first […]

…from a bed in the FIRST super 8 motel EVER!

when did I turn into these people?

I can’t eat like this anymore. :(

The thing that stinks about being “gluten free” is that once you leave the warm fuzzy grip of metropolis – you find that the rest of America is covered in Ihops that only serve extra glutenous pancake based foods. […]

Blood Terror – Winner of Best Film – St. Cloud Film Fest

Everyone loves a winner. Especially cats. They can tell.

Last night at the St. Cloud Film Festival Award Show, Blood Terror of the Night Fiend was award best picture.


Moreover, actor Sam Landman won best actor for his great work in Icehouse.

One of my favorite kittens to have […]